Thu 21 August 2008

Generer byer til dine visualiseringsprosjekter. Cityscape er en procedural generator for bygninger. Den kan importere de mest vanlige formatene som .obj, .fxb, .collada, og .dxf. Eksporter til .obj, .fxb, .collada, mentalray .ml og renderman .rib. Programmet har blitt brukt til b.l.a

CityEngine is the unique 3D city creation system for generating large urban environments for all city modeling industries. Regardless if you are situated in game creation, modeling of stand-in models for film & tv, content services for virtual worlds, or if you are into urban planning. CityEngine will suit your needs.

City engine 1

Use sophisticated knowledge-driven modeling tools. Work with one consistent model through the whole production process. Get direct visual feedback along your content creation. Build directly on previous work by evolving pre-visualizations into final production sets, adding more and more detail.

Cityengine 2

By using variation of buildings and mixing of design styles, the CityEngine artist can generate large scenes with individual buildings, perfect from detailed physical appearance to large-scale placement.

The unique streets module of CityEngine generates realistically looking city layouts and street-networks. Later on, streets can easily be redefined and adapted to changing project needs without significant increase in production costs.

Cityscape 3

Visualize your design intentions in a fast and smart way across the borders of game, film, architecture, engineering and construction industry. Just imagine how you can cut your costs in half for your next city planning competition with CityEngine. Or how you can easily communicate your urban visions or reveal exciting insights from the past to the public.