Cybercity Paris 3D

Cybercity Paris 3D

Mon 16 February 2009

Cybercity har nå annonsert at de har lagt ut Paris i 3D på Google Earth. Modellen består av over 75.000 modeller! Cybercity har fra før av over 20 andre bymodeller tilgjengelige via Google Earth. De fleste i USA, men også Florence (IT) og Hamburg (DE).


CyberCity 3D announced today that it has contributed a massive 3D City Model of Paris, France to Google Earth™. The CyberCity 3D Model features over 75,000 structures in great architectural detail.

With the Paris model, CyberCity 3D has added a total of 21 gray and/or textured city models to Google Earth™, with more to come.

Plans are underway to enhance the gray building content on the Paris model to include advertising and trip planning information— a tremendous opportunity for those wanting to tap into the largest marketing and distribution channel in hospitality, the Internet.

Hotels will be available to CyberCity 3D clients desiring to stand out from the competition by customizing their buildings in 3D with imbedded metadata, including booking information and links to sponsor sites.

Many classic buildings on the Google Earth™ Paris model, including Cathedral Notre Dame and Centre Pompidou, have already been enhanced with photo-realistic textures.

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