Mentalray material samling

Mentalray material samling

Thu 31 July 2008

MRMaterials! er en gratis kilde for mentalray materialer og shadere. Endellig litt snacks som ikke bare er for Vray brukere. Vi kommer tilbake med mer informasjon så snart vi har fått testet ordentlig ut den nye siden og de tilgjengelige materialene/shaderene.

MR Materials! is a free Mental Ray materials and shader repository. Created by Russell Thomas, Founder/CEO of 3DAllusions LLC with the help of Jeff Patton, as a resource for CG artist using applications with integrated mental ray or standalone version. Special thanks to Jared Martin and Harry Bardak for MatLab translataions into Maya and XSI.

mental ray! has been used for years by high-end production software for the game and motion picture industry. For years it has been the

default render engine for Softimage XSI and in relatively recent years an integrated option in Autodesk products 3DS Max/Viz and Maya. With the aid of the CG community it is hoped that a large repository of Mental Ray materials and shaders will be accumulated.

Mentalray material samling er lansert

Mr Materials! is a private project and subsidiary of 3DAllusions LLC and is NOT affiliated with Mental Images in anyway. Efforts will be made to continually extend invitations to software developers using and integrating Mental Ray to participate in the site and help it become successful and stable.

The site was started for the sole purpose of creating a material/shader repository to support users of mental ray by Russell Thomas CEO of 3DAllusions LLC with the help of Jeff Patton of Based on the open source GNU/GPL License content management system (CMS) Joomla's brand new next generation system, and integrated with a modified repository component by Black Sheep Research. The creators saw the great value that similar sites for alternate render engines provided and wanted to support their render engine of choice by creating a similar resource and supporting the community.