Testing FPM Cookery

Wed 22 April 2015

In this post I note some of my experiences while playing with FPM-Cookery to build appbundles.

Convert rubygems to rpm


# yum install ruby-devel gcc rpm-build
# gem install fpm
# gem install fpm-cookery
# gem install bundle


$ fpm -s gem -t deb aws-sdk
$ rpm rubygem-aws-sdk-2.0.39-1.noarch.rpm --test -i
error: Failed dependencies:
rubygem(aws-sdk-resources) = 2.0.39 is needed by rubygem-aws-sdk-2.0.39-1.noarch
$ fpm -s gem -t rpm aws-sdk-resources
$ rpm rubygem-aws-sdk-resources-2.0.39-1.noarch.rpm --test -i
error: Failed dependencies:
rubygem(aws-sdk-core) = 2.0.39 is needed by rubygem-aws-sdk-resources-2.0.39-1.noarch

To resolve dependencies this way does not work in the long run.

$ vi Gemfile

Insert the following:

# Gemfile
source "https://rubygems.org"
gem "aws-sdk"

Build all the dependencies:

$ bundle package
$ find vendor/cache -name '*.gem' | xargs -n1 fpm -s gem -t rpm
Created package {:path=>"rubygem-builder-3.2.2-1.noarch.rpm"}
Created package {:path=>"rubygem-multi_json-1.11.0-1.noarch.rpm"}
Created package {:path=>"rubygem-jmespath-1.0.2-1.noarch.rpm"}
Created package {:path=>"rubygem-aws-sdk-core-2.0.39-1.noarch.rpm"}
File already exists, refusing to continue: rubygem-aws-sdk-resources-2.0.39-1.noarch.rpm {:level=>:fatal}
File already exists, refusing to continue: rubygem-aws-sdk-2.0.39-1.noarch.rpm {:level=>:fatal}

Install all the packages you built; ''' $ sudo rpm -iv *.rpm '''

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