Vizdepot konkurranse

Vizdepot konkurranse

Thu 01 October 2009

Da er det igjen duket for stor konkurranse. Denne gangen hos Temaet er

PS! Denne resterende teksten er hentet fra:

Summer is unfortunately drawing to a close. If you didn't get that trip to the islands you wanted, well here's your opportunity to realize than dark bronze tan in CG! In order to drench you in sun and surf, the Vizdepot is providing your own vacation spot.

Welcome to the 2009 Challenge from the Vizdepot. Thousands flock to the islands each year to relax the stresses of life away. This is your opportunity to create one of these 'signature' style places you see in the luxurious vacation magazines. Create ambiance, drama and the mood with your rendering and...

Produce a high resolution artistic rendering which conveys the vacation mentality. Perhaps its focusing on the sweat of a margarita' glass with a drink umbrella, or an adirondack chair on the deck....whatever you are trying to convey, make it sell your idea of the perfect vacation spot.

The Vizdepot is providing a simplified model. Supplement this model by entourage, people, ambiance and adding lights to emulate the time of day. You may choose any camera angle. Pick times of the day, and study how the light reacts on objects, then emulate these in your rendering lighting.

You are encouraged to post reference images, progress, settings and finals pics which may be hosted off site like many do. We encourage the use of new techniques which provoke questions.

October 1st 2009 - Competition Opens
December 1st, 2009 - Competition Closes, Judging Begins
December 15th, 2009 - Awards announced

Sketchup (Release 5) - SKP5 - Wish You Were
3ds Max (2009) - MAX - Wish You Were
OBJ - OBJ - Wish You Were
Revit (2009) - FBX- Wish You Were
AutoCad (2004) - DWG - Wish You Were

Thatch Roof roof modeling and rendering
Sea Water and pool modeling and rendering (with or without caustics).
Sand modeling and rendering
3D Plants and trees
Adding furniture and entourage
Creating the mood, setting and ambiance
Finally, composition.

JURY PANEL: (in order, left to right)

Martin Klein - Winner of the Finding Shore Vizdepot Competition 2006
Russell Thomas - / /
Chris Grant -
Ted Boardman -
Neil Blevins -
Brian Zajac -
Brian Bradley -

Technical ability, Final composition, Originality and "wow" factor. The Vizdepot will place an award of distinction in the user profile for everyone to see their accomplishment.

This Vizdepot challenge is intended to provide learning exercises for developing your lighting, materiality and composition skills. You may choose to use any rendering engine(s) to study and refine your process / work.

The concept is to use as little post production as possible. Try to get it 'ideal' using the rendering engine, lighting setup and materials. Crutch yourself, use a tool you've never used. Try UVUnwrap. Post questions and progress renderings. Your best ally is this forum and the moderators.

Note: Remember these exercises are about learning, getting and giving feedback and constructive criticism.

1. In order to enter the challenge you must register at
2. Submit your work in progress images in forum on a regular basis. To post your images/WIP's, create only ONE thread. There's no need to create a separate "final" thread. This is not a competition. When you create a thread make sure to use the following format: (your name) - 2009 Wish You Were Here Many forums people post 2x when they start, and in the first, they hold it [reserved] for final image. I would like to emulate that format. Post, and then reply with the progress.
3. Participate in the community by critiquing other challengers works in progress
5. You must not submit more than 10 images at a time and they must not total more than 1mg in size. You are encourage to host the image or place on a hosting service, such as or
4. Submit your final entry by 1st December 2009, midnight 12:00 EST
5. There will be 3 winners in this Challenge voted by panel of judges - and 2 honorable mentions.
Judging and Awards December 15th.
6. Since this is a judged panel, anyone can enter (excluding Vizdepot Staff) and win this competition.

Disclaimer: This scene is a product of the and its moderators. It can not be used for resale of any kind without the express written consent of this website or the author. All credit for the model should go to Silmore. The scene provided remains the property of the original artist. When posting images using the model off site, please include the Site logo and the credit the names of the artists. If you do not agree to these terms do not download the a fore mentioned material.

Sponsors of this competition include (in no specific order):
Nsided - 1 Copy of Quidam 3 Character modeling software

Arroway - Three full bundles of textures (Edition-1 + Tiles-1 + Cocrete-1 + Stonework-1 + Wood-1 + Wood-2; approx.

Epictor - 1st Prize: 3 Bundles: UrbanChic, Casual, Shopping
2nd Prize: 2 Bundles: Casual, Travellers
3rd Prize: 1 Bundle: Tourist

Spiralgraphics - 1st place: Genetica 3 Studio
2nd place: Genetica 3 Pro
3rd place: Genetic 3 Basic

Happy Digital - 1 License of Autograss for Vray

PixPlant - Two copies of Pix Plant texture creation software

Digital X Models- 1st Place- 10 collections
2nd Place - 6 collections
3rd Place - 3 collections
HM1 - 1 collection
HM2 - 1 collection

Craft Animations - Craft Master Bundle, camera bundle

3DAS - 1 copy of 3ds Max 2010 Architectural Visualization Advanced to Expert book

More sponsors are actively been brought on board. The awarding will be determined at a later date.
Our sponsors have graciously given a wonderful assortment of prizes. Please honor them by visiting there sites from the banners displayed and purchasing their software.

This competition will be a process of development. Everybody who enters the challenge is required to submit Work In Progress (WIP) images (800x600 - you are allocated 7 mgs of upload space), from the initial concept sketch or 2d drawings, reference images, to the final render. The purpose is that everyone can learn from each other, offer feedback and critiques. Post WIPs in the appropriate forum under the titles of your name.

Submit a final rendering in either portrait of landscape format at large format, magazine quality. Minimums should be consider as 1600x1200 minimum.

I would like to personally thank our generous sponsors and the Vizdepot staff for their efforts in pulling this together. Thank you to all who participate and tell a friend.

Note: The has the full and only authority to alter these rules as necessary to protect this website and its integrity from misuse or slander of the sites name.

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